About Us

At Favisbook, we believe the visa application process should be simple, convenient, and fast. Unfortunately, for most travelers, this is rarely the case. Successful applications require endless hours of research, diligent planning, a flexible schedule, and a good deal of luck.

We provide customers with a suite of services that simplify and expedite the visa application process at a number of consulates throughout the United States. Our primary service is the confirmation of expedited visa appointments. Typically, appointments booked directly through the consulate's website are only available three to four months in advance. Favisbook guarantees an appointment within two weeks.

Convenience is our number one priority. In order to meet all the needs of our customers, we also offer ongoing support throughout the entire visa application process, including the collection and review of necessary documents, application completion, and assistance with the Apostille process.

Our Team

Kareem Dus Founder/CEO

Mark MacEachen Founder/Engineering

Susana Guerrero Operations

Shyrgil Asuncion Client Relations

Andwele Estwick Partnerships

Alma Sanchez Marketing