Student Partner Program

Sept. 6, 2021

The Spring 2022 semester is fast approaching, which means that student visa appointments are about to be scooped up, resulting in an appointment bottleneck. In our experience, we've noticed that student visa appointments become scarce around the end of October. This isn't normally an issue so long as students planning to study abroad receive their acceptance letter from their school overseas in a timely manner, however we know that is it only to common that for whatever reason, sometimes these letters don't arrive until late November, or even December.

Most consulates have changed their protocols this year. It used to be that you could confirm an appointment without the acceptance letter, however this is no longer the case. With most consulates, it is now a requirement to provide a copy of your acceptance letter in order to confirm an appointment. So where does that leave the unlucky students who by the end of November are still left desperately awaiting these letters to come in the mail? Not a good position.

In many cases, Favisbook becomes the only option available to these students, however not everyone knows about our service, nor are our prices accessible to all who need it. Therefore, starting next month, Favisbook is implementing the Student Partner Program.

Starting this October, students who will be studying abroad in the Spring 2022 semester will have to option to use our service at discounted rates according to criteria set forth in the partnership program. Please check back next week for more details.