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As ones of the most popular destinations in the world, you may have many reasons to visit France or Germany. It is common that travelers are required to obtain a Schengen Visa before entry. Booking an interview to get a Schengen visa is a time-consuming process for many applicants. The problem is that the process of booking an appointment on the French or German consulate's website is a complicated and time-consuming process. Often appointments are simply not available and applicants are required to wait for months on end just for an appointment to become available. Curiously, the French Consulate does not offer an inherent option to expedite visa applications through the consulate in New York, neither does German Consulate. This becomes an urgent problem for travelers who need a visa as soon as possible whether for vacation, family matters, or business purposes.

Booking a fast appointment with the French or German Consulate in New York

The first step in the Schengen visa application process begins by choosing an available date for an appointment with the Consulate General of France or Consulate of Germany. Favisbook offers a service to simplify this procedure by offering you available appointments that we have found through our optimization process. The process is simple for you.

  • You choose the day you want to schedule an appointment from our web calendar.
  • You fill out your personal information form.
  • Confirm appointment, and shortly you will receive a confirmation email directly from the chosen Consulate with all information regarding your upcoming appointment.

For your convenience, Favisbook supports the following features:

  1. Visualization: with Favisbook’s beautiful imagery, and simplistic web design, you can intuitively understand our service and it’s benefits to you. It is very convenient to read through the available appointments from our web calendar and choose a day from the range which suits your needs based on our available appointments.
  2. Flexibility. For your convenience, you can choose as many appointments as you need whether for yourself, family members, or friends.
  3. Reliability. Our system supports a reliable payment, receipt and confirmation system. You will receive confirmation from Favisbook and the French or German Consulate. You can be certain about personal data security as well. We store your personal data in a safe and secure way using encryption.

Applying for an Expedited Schengen Visa

After booking your visa appointment with Favisbook, your next step is to prepare for your interview with the consulate. You will receive an email from the consulate directly instructing you in these measures. It is also advised that you review the instructions on the Consulate's website because Favisbook does not provide any instructions on preparing for the interview process itself.

Consulate of France in New York

The Visa section of Consulate of France in New York is located at 10 E 74th St, New York, NY 10021

Consulate of Germany in New York

The Visa Department of German Consulate General is located at 871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017

Other Consulates

We are working on adding multiple different consulates in various cities in the United States.