Consulate of Italy in New York

If you go to the Italian consulate’s website, you won’t be able to get a visa appointment for 2 - 3 months!
  • If you're a tourist and you've planned your vacation, you're looking forward to it, you and your family have taken time off from work, but you didn't realize that it would take 2 - 3 months to get your visa. Now you may have to change your plans, change your destination, or maybe even cancel your vacation entirely.
  • If you (or your child) are a student, you could miss the visa deadline for your study abroad program, and you will have to wait until next year, or maybe even lose your spot at the university.
  • If you’re a businessperson, you might not make it to your destination in time for an important business meeting.
We can help you get a visa appointment much earlier and you can book it right now, on our website. We have special software that automatically checks for cancellations and new openings for visa appointments at the Consulate of Italy in New York.
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General Information

Apply for an Italian Visa in New York
Tourism in Italy continues to see a boom as over 420 million visitors from across the globe visited Italy in 2017 alone. Most of the tourists come from Germany, United States, and the United Kingdom, France and various European and Asian countries. Amongst the most preferred cities, Rome continues to top the charts attracting over 27 million visitors, while Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rimini complete the list. Favisbook will provide you with an expedited visa appointment for Italian Visa 60-120 days in advance of any date available on the consulate website. It reduces the hassle and burden of waiting and checking for appointments online every day.
Making Appointments
All citizens of the US and other countries residing inside the US can seek for a Visa to enter Italy via an online appointment. Because multiple applicants are applying for visas and appointment at the same time, the Consulate usually advises to repeatedly check the online appointment system at regular intervals. Moreover, before applying for a visa, it is important to check if you need a visa to enter Italy or any of the Schengen region countries. All applicants should start seeking appointments three months prior to planning to travel to Italy. The offices are usually closed on Fridays, and applications can be submitted Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.
What to Bring on the Day of Appointment
On the day of the appointment, all applicants MUST show the following for the appointment to move forward: • A self-addressed, prepaid envelope that carries prepaid labels combined with a barcode or stamps, including a tracking number, • A photocopy of above mentioned self-addressed prepaid envelope. • All Applicants irrespective of their visa type must also present the Declaration for Mailing Passports duly filled out. It specifies that you as an applicant are responsible for the mailing of your passport and the Consulate General of Italy in New York is NOT responsible for the loss or damages to your passport while it is in transit. The Visa Office at the Consulate General of Italy in New York only accepts prepaid priority envelopes provided by the U.S. Postal Service. They do not accept prepaid priority envelops from FedEx or UPS.
Types of Visas You Can Apply For
Based on your nationality, country of residence, length of stay and the reason for your stay, you can apply for any of the following Italy Schengen Visas. All US residents holding Green cards should seek a visa before entering Italy. US Passport holders can travel to any EU/EEA or Schengen Zone country with a visa for no longer than 90 days within a 6 months period. • Business Visa • Student Visa • Tourism/Airport Visa • Family Reasons • Independent Visa • Residency
Types of Documents Needed
Although there is a variety of document that an applicant needs to present before the application process and interview starts, the following list of documents is mandatory and should be provided by all: Tourism • The Italian visa application form printed and signed by the applicant. All information provided here should reconcile with the documents provided. • Two identical bright colored backgrounds, 35x45mm photographs that are not older than three to six months. • A valid passport with validity beyond three months, and not older than ten years. It should have at least a minimum of two empty pages. • Non-US citizens should show a valid US INS visa, Alien Registration Card, State Driving License, up to three-month utility bill payments, or State income tax returns. • A Schengen travel visa insurance that covers your health and medical emergencies during your visit to Italy and all of the Schengen countries intended to visit. The minimum health coverage is 30,000 Euros. • All proof of travel should be provided with return flight itinerary showing the date of travel, return and flight numbers. • Proof of hotel accommodation and reservations. If the applicant wishes to stay at a friend or family member residence, a letter of invitation should be attached. • Proof of economic means in eh form of past three-month bank statement and credit card statements. • Other documents of professional work such a letter of employment, copy of self-employed business income taxes of up to three months combined with letter of incorporation and bank statements, and proof of unemployment or retirement if applicable. Dependent parents and child can provide bank statements of their parent or spouse. Student As a student apart from the above-mentioned documents, you will be required to file a set of documents in an orderly manner: • A long-term visa application, • A Photocopy of your Student ID or State diving license • A letter from the University in Italy specifying your attendance hours, accommodation, and program details, • Personal bank statements from the past 3 months • One-way flight reservation and other relevant documents as mentioned above. Business All business visit for under 90 days should include all above-mentioned documents including, • An original letter of invitation from an Italian company, • Business license of your Italian company, • Proof of economic means and proof of medical insurance. • A return itinerary with dates and flight number.
Other Information
The Visa Office at the Consulate General of Italy in New York has jurisdiction to process visa applications ONLY for residents in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Visa processing can take from 7 days to 90 days depending upon the type of Visa and should be planned at least three months in advance. Italy must be the first place to a visit or main destination while applying for an Italian Visa. For a small fee, Favisbook will look after all your appointment needs, and even help you reschedule, or cancel an appointment if needed. Favisbook will take care of your appointments, while you prepare for your appointment and interviews with peace of mind.
Consulate Website
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Consulate Address
690 Park Ave, None, New York, New York, 10065

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a US citizen. I am going to Italy to study for less than 90 days. Do I still need a visa?
NO. As of September 1, 2010, citizens from countries with short-term visa exemption may enter Italy for academic purposes, for periods up to ninety days, without the corresponding student visa.
I received my visa, and I noticed that my name is misspelled what should I do?
You can bring or mail back the passport to have a correction made. Please include a cover letter specifying which name has been misspelled and a prepaid express mail envelope to have of the passport mailed back.
My passport has my maiden name and my Resident Alien Registration Card has my married name what should I do?
You can provide a notarized copy of your marriage or divorce certificate.
My US visa is expired as well as my I-94 and I cannot renew it in the US. Can I apply for a Schengen visa?
No, you cannot. We can process visa request only from legal residents of the US.
My US Resident Alien Registration Card expired and has not been renewed yet. Can I apply with the Advanced Paroled document issued to me by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service?
Why am I required to have health insurance coverage for Italy?
Schengen regulations require applicants to have health insurance coverage before departing. This is necessary in case you have an accident during your stay in Italy. Please check carefully whether your medical insurance will cover costs for medical treatment abroad (including emergency medical evacuation and rimpatriation of mortal remains). If it does not, you need to submit a health insurance covering your stay in Europe. Generally all major US medical insurance companies cover costs for emergency medical treatment abroad.
I am a student and the tourist visa requires proof of documentation of socio-professional standing, what should I bring?
You must bring verification of your enrollment provide by your school.
I have my own business and therefore cannot bring an employment letter. What documents should I submit?
You can provide your business registration, your latest tax return and a recent company bank statement to complete your application.
I plan to visit my family or my friends in Italy and I cannot provide a hotel reservation what should I do?
Your family or friends can write a host’s declaration. The completed host’s declaration (faxed or emailed directly to the applicant) is required along with a copy of the host’s ID (Permit of stay for non-European Union citizens) and can be faxed directly to you.
I cannot get a national passport from my country of origin. Can I use the "US Refugee Travel Document (Document de Voyage de refugee’) to travel to Italy?
Yes, you can. Before applying check the expiration of the document. It should be valid at least 3 months upon conclusion of your trip. The use of a Travel Document might delay the issue of your visa.
I cannot get a national passport from my country of origin. Can I use the "US Permit to reenter” to travel to Italy?
Yes, you can. Before applying check the expiration of the document. It should be valid at least 3 months upon conclusion of your trip.
How long should my passport be valid?
You passport must be valid for at least 3 months past the conclusion of your trip. If you passport expires any earlier, your visa request will be denied.
My flight itinerary requires an overnight stay at an Italian airport. Do I have to apply for an airport transit visa or a regular visa?
Citizens of some nationalities may require a transit visa if they are planning a short stopover, waiting a few hours for their onward flight at the airport's international transit area. It is therefore advisable to check if you are required or not to have a visa. However, if you are planning to stay in Hotel overnight, since they are only available outside the transit area you can apply for a regular tourist visa.
Can I use an Italian Visa to make a side trip to another European country?
Yes, you may use an Italian Visa to visit any country in the Schengen Area, however in order for the Italian Consulate to approve your request, you must prove that Italy is your main destination. This means that you must document that you plan to spend more time in Italy than any other country during the duration of your trip. According to the present Regulation a Schengen Visa is also valid for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland (starting December 12th, 2008).
Do I need a visa to visit italy?
You can find that out here: Copy and paste the link in a new browser window.
How long will it take to get my visa?
It may take between 2 to 15 days for the visa to be approved. You can check the status of your application after 15 days by contacting the consulate directly.
How can I prove my residency in the Consular Jurisdiction?
You should bring your driver's license, Federal or State Tax Return. We recommend that you bring as many document's as possible.
Can I pay with a check?
No, the visa fee is payable by money order and cash. Please visit the consulate's website for more details.
What are the consulate's office hours?
Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Appointment's will be confirmed between these times.
Can I bring a copy of my passport ot the appointment?
The consulate does not accept passport photocopies. You must bring your original, valid passport to the consulate on the day of your appointment.
Do I have to apply in person or can I apply by mail?
Applicants are required to apply in person.

Consular Jurisdiction

Residents of the following states/jurisdictions may submit visa applications at the Consulate of Italy in New York.

  • New York
  • New Jersey - Bergen
  • New Jersey - Essex
  • New Jersey - Hudson
  • New Jersey - Hunterdon
  • New Jersey - Mercer
  • New Jersey - Middlesex
  • New Jersey - Monmouth
  • New Jersey - Morris
  • New Jersey - Passaic
  • New Jersey - Somerset
  • New Jersey - Sussex
  • New Jersey - Union
  • New Jersey - Warren
  • Connecticut