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If you go to the Spanish consulate’s website, you won’t be able to get a visa appointment for 2 - 3 months!
  • If you're a tourist and you've planned your vacation, you're looking forward to it, you and your family have taken time off from work, but you didn't realize that it would take 2 - 3 months to get your visa. Now you may have to change your plans, change your destination, or maybe even cancel your vacation entirely.
  • If you (or your child) are a student, you could miss the visa deadline for your study abroad program, and you will have to wait until next year, or maybe even lose your spot at the university.
  • If you’re a businessperson, you might not make it to your destination in time for an important business meeting.
We can help you get a visa appointment much earlier and you can book it right now, on our website. We have special software that automatically checks for cancellations and new openings for visa appointments at the Consulate of Spain in Houston.
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General Information

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If you go to the Spanish consulate’s website, you won’t be able to get a visa appointment for 2 - 3 months! THIS IS BAD, BECAUSE if you (or your child) are a student, you could miss the visa deadline for your study abroad program, and have to wait until next year… or maybe even lose your spot at the university! Or, if you’re a businessperson, you might not make it to your destination in time for an important business meeting. We can help you get a visa appointment MUCH EARLIER… And you can book it RIGHT NOW, right here on this website. We have special software that automatically checks for cancellations and new openings for visa appointments at the Spanish consulate in Houston. Would you like to book an earlier appointment right now? Just click "BOOK NOW" button above.
Travel Info for Spain
Spain continues to dazzle the world with its beauty, high-end shopping areas, high style lifestyle, and a vibrant intellectual community. In 2018, over 83 million applicants from across the world visited Spain, which is a percent more than that of 2017. Tourism also accounts for over 16 percent of the GDP of the Spanish economy, making it an obvious choice for the best holiday and business experiences. From the largest Catholic Church in Barcelona known as Sagrada Familia, the Palacio Real in Madrid to the Running of the Bull activity at the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, and the Aqueduct of Segovia, there is much to cherish and get mesmerized from in Spain. Additionally, who can forget the medieval and architectural beauty of Madrid, Valencia, Cuenca, and Barcelona? The average day of stay in Spain has also risen to 7.4 days in 2018 from 7.3 days in 2017. Visitors from the United States alone increased by 11.8 percent last year reaching close to three million. It makes for a compelling reason why it is usually hard to find an appointment for a Spanish visa in Los Angeles and San Francisco. There is a significantly high volume of students and tourists approaching the consulate to issues visa on a regular basis. High volume means longer waiting times too, especially during the times of high visitor and applicants mainly in summers and December. Favisbook knows that waiting can lead to disruption in your plans, and provides expedited an appointment well in advance than the official consulate website. Here are the necessities you should be aware of before applying for a Spanish visa. Let Favisbook take charge of your plans and make them come true.
Consulate Jurdisdiction
Because there are different consulates serving across the United States, it is important to be aware of the jurisdiction you belong to before applying for the Spanish Schengen visa. These jurisdictions are divided for the ease of applicants and provide ease in the processing of documents. Hence, before you start, please ensure that you are a permanent and legal resident of the below mention countries and regions, and hold appropriate documents that verify your claims.
Step 1 – Getting Started
Almost all countries that do not part of the Schengen Zone will require to apply for a visa before entering Spain. Although some countries are allowed to enter Spain for less than 90 days if they are coming for tourism, many countries will have to seek a formal appointment to seek visas before their entry. All Non-US Citizens who do not hold a United States passport will be required to seek a visa before entering Spain or other Schengen Zone counties. All green card holders will also be required to obtain a visa.
Making an Appointment
It is important to make an appointment using the consulate website and the Bookitit System. You should refresh the website twice a day to see for appropriate appointment slots. Student and Tourist visa appointments are hard to get. Appointments are made individually, rather than applying together for the whole family. You will have to appear in person for student, tourist, and work or business visas. If you are finding it hard to apply, you can seek support from Favisbook. Favisbook provides expedited visa appointments that are usually 60-120 days earlier than the appointments you might get from the regular consulate website. It is appropriate for students and visitors who need an urgent appointment. Favisbook also provides for rescheduling facilities if you missed your earlier appointment, or wish to cancel it. Additionally, Favisbook also provides expert guidance and support on how to fill documents and ensure that nothing is missed for your peace of mind.
Step 2 – Documents and Requirements
Please see the required documents for each visa type.
Documents Required for Tourist Visa up to 90 days
• Spanish Visa application form that can be filled online and should be printed and signed. • One 2x2 inch color passport-type photograph. • A valid passport that has a minimum of three months of validity beyond the expected date of travel and should be no older than ten years. Your passport should have a minimum of two blank pages. • Identification documents that show whether you are a resident of Los Angeles or San Francisco. It does not include the B1/B2 visas that you might have. You can show your Alien registration card, your driving license that shows current address, student ID or I-20 visas, voter registration cards, or utility bills paid by you. • Airline reservation tickets that show the arrival and departure dates, your first point of arrival, your expected days of stay, and your flight details. • A Travel Insurance is mandatory for all applicants and visitors traveling to any of the Schengen zone countries. It should cover for your medical and hospital emergencies, and returns of your possessions with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. • A formal letter of employment from your employer if you are employed. It should be presented on official letterhead, include the time of employment, amount of salary, your current position, your past three month payslips and reason for temporary leave. • If you are self-employed, you should present your current tax returns, utility bill payments, your letter of incorporation and in certain cases, the Consulate might seek “Good Standing Certificate” issued by the Secretary of State. • Proof of financial means that includes your bank statements signed and stamped by the bank. It should highlight that you have sufficient funds to cover for your expenses while traveling to Spain, or beyond to different Schengen counties. You should have a minimum of 90 Euros per day, and a minimum of 810 Euros for your extensions. • Your credit card statement if you wish to pay from your credit card for expenses. • Hotel and lodging reservations that show your accommodation address, phone number, and area during your stay in the Schengen zone. • If you wish to stay with a friend or family members, they should provide you with an official Letter of Invitation issued by the Local Police Department of the Schengen territory they live in. • If you are visiting with a cruise or tour, you should provide a detailed itinerary of cities and places to visit, including accommodation. • Individuals traveling under the age of 18 require a notarized authorization letter from their parents or guardian. • Pay the applicable visa fee in the form of cash or money order presented in the name of "Consulate General of Spain Los Angeles" or the "Consulate General of Spain San Francisco" as applicable. • A Disclaimer signed by you that highlights the Consulate of Spain and the Spanish Foreign Ministry is not responsible for damages and loss of documents during custody or transport.
Documents Required for Business Visas
Spain is one of Europe’s most important economies and provides for excellent business opportunities to the international business community. Before you apply for a business visit visa, please confirm your jurisdiction before applying and provide for the above-mentioned documents, and a business visa fee. It can take 1-6 weeks for processing of visa. However, the consulate will require you to provide extra documents that include: • Detailed address and the invitation letter from the Spanish company you will be visiting. • Employer Approval letter allowing and endorsing your business travel. • Business bank account statements for the past six months. • Previous trading or travel history between the companies. • The original copies of the Memorandum and Article of Association, Trade licenses, tax returns, and any Proprietorship/Partnership documents. • A letter stating who will cover the expenses of employees and executives visiting Spain.
Documents Required for Student Visas
• An official Letter of Admission from the University or School you will be attending in Spain. The Spanish University or College should highlight the type of program, time of completion, attendance criteria, and actual costs. • If you are an exchange student, you should provide for an Official letter of Admission from the American School or University authorizing your travel and exchange program in Spain. • You should provide for 3 latest bank statements, signed by the bank showing your name on them. If you are a minor or aged below 18, your parent or guardian bank statements should be provided, and authorized to be used by you. • Original letter of financial grants, aids, and scholarships that confirm the costs of study and aid during the time of stay. • You should have proof of sufficient funds before applying for a long stay student visa that lasts more than 180 days or above 90 days. The monthly costs may include a minimum of 537.84 Euros. It doesn’t include the tuition costs that should be accounted for separately. • A Proof of health or medical insurance from a company authorized to operate in Spain. Travel health insurance is not acceptable. • Medical certificates both original and photocopies from an M.D. or D.O signed and presented on official letterhead. • A certificate of Absence of Police Records, for applicants aged 18 and above. Valid for 90 days after issuance. The background check can be done by The U.S. Justice Department- FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation and should be legalized with the "Apostille of The Hague" by the Secretary of State in Washington D.C. • Applicants aged below 18 should have a notarized authorization letter from the parents, the host family with the declaration of adoption or guardian status. All documents should be translated by a Sworn Spanish Translator who is certified by the government of Spain of the Certificate of "Absence of police Records" and of the Apostille. Translation of first and last pages are important. A translation is not needed if the documents provide for both English and Spanish matter in the same document. It is an important requirement and shouldn’t be missed. It can take 2 to 4 weeks to process a student visa.
Step 3 - The interview
On the day of the interview, Favisbook advice to arrive at least thirty minutes before your interview to become aware of your surroundings. It includes sitting at the right area, and have all checks done. Additionally: • Please ensure to bring all your documents both originals and copies, • Because only visa applicants are allowed to enter, ensure you don’t overcrowd the premises. • You can drink water. There are no tickets check-ins or signups needed. You will be called as per the turn. • The fee should be paid on the day of appointment in the form of cash or money orders. • Once informed about the visa completion, you can visit the visa offices between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on collection day to collect your passport.
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Consular Jurisdiction

Residents of the following states/jurisdictions may submit visa applications at the Consulate of Spain in Houston.

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