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Consulate of Spain in Sydney

Confirm expidited visa appointments at the Consulate of Spain in Sydney within the next 30 days.

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Consulate Address

  • Consulate of Spain in Sydney
  • Level 24, St. Martins Tower 31
  • Sydney, NSW 2000


  • Favisbook will schedule your appointment at the Consulate of Spain in Sydney. You need to prepare your visa application and bring it to the consulate it along with all required documents on the day of your interview. You can find the visa application along with a list of documents on the Consulate of Spain in Sydney website. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visa application is filled out correctly and that you bring all necessary documents to your interview.

Visa Processing Times

These statistics indicate the estimated length of time that the consulate will hold onto your passport while your visa application processes. Favisbook makes no guarantees that your visa will be approved on time for your travels. It is important to schedule your appointment far enough in advance to give enough time for your visa application to process.

Short Stay Visas (< 90 days): 2-15 calendar days
Long Stay Visas (> 90 days): 2-6 weeks
Student Visas: 2-6 weeks